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Very pleased to be awarded with Honorable Mention at the Artist of the Year contest, organized by CFA. Here is the main reason for this distinction - my artwork 'A House at the Sea', acrylics and painted paper collage on 300gsm paper.

Thank you, Circle Foundation the Arts!

The original artwork is available to be purchased.

So happy to be part of the selected artists, published in Issue 9 of Circle Quarterly Art Review magazine! It is live on their website and can be ordered as a hard copy too. My magazine copy has just arrived and it looks amazing! About 100 pages of curated artwork from artists all over the globe. Very much inspiring. Indulge yourself with this visual feast online or with a copy in your hands.

'Time Keeper', acrylics and painted paper on canvas, 30x40 cm.

So excited to share that my painting 'TimeKeeper' has been selected to be published in the Circle Quarterly Art Review Magazine! It will be printed just before Christmas and also can be viewed online.

'TimeKeeper' presents the idea of measuring something unmeasurable. Catching something which cannot be caught. Time has a different meaning in the universe and for each and every one of us.

The Composition came to me at the Royal Observatory Greenwich. We went for a walk and I ended up in the shop, as always. My precious foundling was a postcard featuring photos of marine timekeepers. Never knew such things existed! The moment I saw that postcard I started thinking of painting my versions of it. How incredible the time is! How to catch it?

I did many drawings of these strange machineries, making them abstract and fragmented, and choose one for this painting.

Thank you, Circle Foundation Arts, for selecting my artwork!

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